My wife Gail passed away June 2, 2016.  She was my precious comrade for 50 years and a fervent supporter of Paleo-Osteological Interpretation.  When open to the public we would wear lab coats and act as guides and experts - in - residence.  Gail was a gifted teacher and a muse to her students because she loved to learn and sought to share that love of learning with them.  Gail also loved sitting in her rocking chair with a cup of tea while reading a good book.

     The turtle is an ancient symbol of serenity, patience and inner strength.  Gail had many forms of turtles around our home including an ocarina on which she would play spontaneous tunes.

     I created the turtle seen here as a cremation vessel for Gail's remains.  It speaks to the joyful serenity she shared with everyone she met as well as her love of reading.

    Gail was also a fine photographer and her documentation of the Women's Peace Camp at Greenham Common in Great Britain was exhibited at the International Peace Museum. 

    For me, Gail was the song that the morning brings.  She truly made the world a better place.

"Wheresoever she was, there was Eden"

                                                                 -Mark Twain

An Ethereal Reading Circle has been formed in Gail's memory.  To join, all you must do is read a book - any book,

and celebrate your own love of reading.

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After Gail's passing, I tried to keep the museum open, but without her inspiration, loving support and friendship, I realized that I could not do so.  The museum closed in late 2019.

 The museum continues to live in the memories of the thousands of visitors who visited every year for a Paleo-Osteological experience.