This skull was created during the summer of 2015.  While some aspects are clearly characteristic of the horse (Order -Perissodactyla) the specimen features the bony crest which is unique to this family.    

Many layers of papier mache are applied

Still Life with Fiddle and Ancient Skull

Papier Mache'

The skull is first sculpted with plasticine clay

The Paleo-Osteological Bicycle Rack

                              The Coolest Bike Rack in the World

The bronze skeleton will be realistic in appearance, with the ribs spaced to accommodate the bicycle wheel. The rib cage will consist of 18 pairs of ribs and will connect to the spinal column at the top and a sternum at the bottom.The spinal column will be 37"high with rib curvature designed to intersect with a 27" bicycle wheel at midpoint.

 This project could be an ideal example of cross-over technology through the use of 3D printing.  This would be particularly effective for the rib cage.  I would create a scale model- perhaps 1/3 full- size, which could then be printed to full size and ready for the foundry. 

We would be using space-age technology to create a prehistoric skeleton!